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    We are the Knapp family! We've been married for almost two years and living in Portland for three, we downsized from a 289 sq ft. apartment to a 140 sq. ft. tiny home and now to a van! We love to eat and cook incredible food, go on adventures (especially to hot springs), play music, read good books, spend time with our church community, and generally goof off together.


    Riah is creating mixed media paintings, hand-painted salvage fairy-tale furniture, and murals! Riah loves to dance on the aerial silks, play guitar and sing, write poetry, up-cycle everything, and take leisurely bike rides in spring.

    Josh is creating web-tool awesomeness! Josh enjoys playing guitar and piano, making delectable food creations, writing short stories, discovering music, alternative living solutions, and taking runs in the forest.


    Together we are the Knapp family (and we do also enjoy naps), and this is our urban van adventure in the process! We hope through sharing our stories you too will be inspired to go on your own journey (whatever that may look like) and re-awaken your life to the play, wonder, and beauty we all once knew as kids.

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